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Appliance Repair in Encino CA - (818) 717-7270

Expert Encino based appliance repair help is one call away.

We work on all major appliances, including washers, dryers, dishwashers, freezers, fridges and stoves. We can work on any brand whether it's an American, foreign or vintage model. Our repair techs can handle both small and large repair jobs. We charge only for parts and labor - you will get low prices on even the smallest repair projects, guaranteed.

Call us at (818) 717-7270 to book a maintenance or repair appointment with one of our licensed repair technicians today. We're more than happy to help. You can inform us of your availability and we'll send out a technician to inspect your appliance when it's right for you. Get your quote and decide whether to order the repair; if you pass, only pay a small diagnostics fee. This amount is neligible; those that do pay for a repair can relax knowing they are getting low rates on even the smallest jobs as there are no other fees hiding anywhere.

We're pretty straightforward with how we operate. Your assigned repair tech will come diagnose, give your quote and proceed with the repair if you are satisfied with our rate. We'll go collect any parts you need - if we do not already have them in our work vehicle, as we carry many common replacement parts with us to speed up our repair times. We can get even older and foreign model parts from our local supplier, which usually means you won't need to mail order the requierd parts.

We're vets and know what clients want and expect. With our reputation on the line, we strive to stand tall and proud with every appliance repair our wonderful Encino CA based clientele throws our way. We can guarantee the same initiative will be taken to appease to you.

Refrigerator repair in Encino CA

Icemakers are a serious pain.

In fact, a broken or malfunctioning icemaker one of the most common refrigerator repair calls we receive. The dispenser might be jammed up, the ice could come out too small, not manifest at all, etc. All different sorts of issues might arise which center around an icemaker that's not properly working.

The first thing to do is take the icemaker out. It's held there with a wiring harness and connects to a frozen inlet tube. Unscrew the compartment, detach it from the inlet tube and unplug the cable that connects the icemaker to the wiring harness.

Next step is to melt any ice. This process can be sped up by using a hair dryer. You want to heat up the inlet tube until any frost or ice melts and the moisture dissipates. No drops should be falling from the inlet tube when you stop heating it. Next, turn the saddle valve to the right as tight as you can and then untight and turn it back. Any mineral deposits accumulated within the saddle valve will be cleared out.

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Washer repair in Encino CA

Do you take proper care of your washing machine?

Save the service call and maintain your machine so it doesn't suffer from premature wear and tear. Many washer repair problems are simply issues that could've been prevented or delayed for years, with adequate maintenance.

First off, inspect the hoses and attachment pieces on the outside of your washing machine. Check to see if the hoses have any breakage, blistering or visible leaking. Look for signs of rust or corrosion around the hose fittings.

Both the hose and its attachments should be swapped out if there is physical damage. Please note that a damaged hose can burst and leak out more than enough water to cause serious damage to your home - potentially ruining some of your electrical outlets and light fixtures and making a sudden fire very possible.

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Dryer repair in Encino CA

A lack of heat to a dryer can be caused by literally a dozen different parts working wrong.

This problem is not easy to diagnose by yourself, unless you get lucky and it's something simple like a blown thermal fuse. We recommend you get a professional to take a look at your dryer; if you insist on troubleshooting at home, get your multimeter ready!

So, it's not the thermal fuse? Check the igniter for continuity. All good? What about the heating element, did that past the test? Now, what about the flame sensor? When using a multimeter to check this, it's imperative to test for continuity when the sensor is at room temperature.

Continuing down the line: if it's none of the above, what about the cycling thermostat? This part is responsible for regulating the temperature and controls when heat turns on and shuts off to keep the temperature controlled. If there's no continuity, there's your problem.

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Dishwasher repair in Encino CA

Dishwashers are a must-have for many homeowners.

The struggle without them is real and often not realized until you are forced to live without one or yours breaks down. If the latter takes place, a prompt dishwasher repair is definitely desired. We'll go over some common dishwasher issues to help you troubleshoot. However, there's no easier solution than hiring a professional repairman to tackle the job.

First off, commonly dishwashing machines don't fill up as they should. The pressure could be inadequate due to an obstruction in the water supply line, the fill hose or a fault in the pressure switch. However, in many cases a problem with the pressure switch translates to the machine over-filling. Some other possible causes for a dishwasher not filling up correctly include a defect in the water inlet valve or the drain valve arm.

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Freezer repair in Encino CA

Is your freezer working intermittently?

If it starts to work and stops working all on its own, a handful of problems might be occurring. We'll go over each of them to help you figure out what might be wrong with your freezer. Take each into consideration but reach out for a diagnosis with a licensed freezer repair technician to get to the bottom of the problem.

Check the condenser fan. If it's clogged up, the machine might start to overwork and shut off when it pushes itself too much. Not only can clogs cause this issue but the fan, or other parts, could be shorting out while the machine is in use. This problem might happen if the parts become loose - if they do become loose, chances are you will also hear a rattling noise.

Check the compressor relay. This part is in charge of the compressor and tells it when to run and when to turn off. If it's faulty, the freezer will be told to turn off at the wrong time. Therefore, your freezer might run intermittently if the compressor relay needs to be replaced.

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Oven repair in Encino CA

What are the different causes of heat loss in an oven?

The list might vary a bit based on whether you own a gas or electric oven. However, there are also many common issues between the two which should be checked for if your oven doesn't seem to hold the right temperature.

Firstly, check your oven door seal (gasket) to see whether there are any gaps or breaks. Hot air can escape this way and the oven might not be adequately compensating for the loss. The same can occur if your oven door hinges are not in place. Some ovens are worse for this than others, but in some models the hinges can adjust their positioning when opening your oven door.

Some ovens will fluctuate temperatures more than others. A rule of thumb is to allow for up to a 50 degree difference in total; if you set your oven for 450, the temperature could bounce between 425 and 475 with the intent of trending toward 450 degrees Fahrenheit. As parts wear out the ability to maintain this range can suffer, but sometimes calibrating your oven will do enough to remedy the heat regulation issue.

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Range/Stove repair in Encino CA

Using the self-cleaning function on a stove can be disastrous.

This mode requires the oven compartment to heat up to very hot temperatures. In fact, the inside of your stove will exceed 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for many hours. This high level of heat can cause damage to various internal parts. After all, it just takes is a burnt capacitor to cause major trouble in your appliance.

Unfortunately, the self-cleaning cycle can sometimes destroy your control board. The result of damage to this board is an incorrect amount of voltage delivered to various parts in your stove. This problem is not the most common instance we see in stove repair cases based around self-cleaning disasters, though.

The most common issue that comes up after running the self-clean cycle is a problem with the door lock. Whether the motor or switch is faulty, if there is a defect here your best bet will to be replace the entire assembly. Typically, if this part becomes defective the door will get stuck in locked position - you might need to take your stove door panel apart to manually unlock it.

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Helpful tip

Consumers must consider many variables when deciding which appliance model is right for them. Unfortunately, whether by impulse or ignorance, far too many of us are guilty of purchasing machines because they have compelling features, programs, modes, etc. You always have to sacrifice a little to get quality performance - much like when buying a vehicle, you cannot get the best of everything. For better purchasing results, we recommend you first learn what makes the appliance “quality made”. Use that as a base requirement when comparing models. Compare features and luxuries after to avoid being let down by your purchase.

Appliance Brands We Service

Avantgarde Appliance Repair of Encino services all major brands of household appliances:

Admiral, AGA, Amana, American Range, Askona, Bertazzoni, Best, Blomberg, Bosch, Broan, Capital, Carrier, Coldspot, Dacor, Danby, DCS, InSinkErator, Electrolux, Elmira Stove Works, Emerson, Fedders, Fisher & Paykel, Five Star, Friedrich, Frigidaire, GE, Gemline, Gladiator, Goldstar, Heartland, Haier, Heil, Hoshizaki, Hotpoint, ILVE, Jenn Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Koolatron, Krups, La Cornue, Lennox, LG, Magic Chef, Marvel, Maytag, Miele, Modern Maid, Monogram, Neptune, Northstar, Nutone, Oster, Panasonic, Payne, Perlick, Premier, RCA, Rheem, Roper, Ruud, Samsung, Sanyo, Scotsman, Sears, Serv-Ware, Sharp, Signature, Speed Queen, Sub-Zero, Summit, Thermador, Tec, Trade-Wind, True, U-Line, Vent-A-Hood, Verona Range, Viking, Vinotemp, Waste King, Whirlpool, Westinghouse, XO, Zephyr

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